1971 Dino 246 GT

The Dino 246 GT was a development of the original 206 GT, where it was given a larger V6 engine, from a 2L up to a 2.4L. It looked visually similar, but with the wheelbase extended by 60mm, which required a longer engine cover and a repositioned fuel cap. Introduced in 1969, its duel-overhead-camshaft V6 produced 195 bhp and was capable of a quoted 146mph.
Being made out of steel, the 246 would now weigh in at 2,380 lb (1,080 kg). 2,295 GTs were made, along with 1,274 Spyders, and production provided three different variations of the car, with this one being a Series II car. This gave it five-bolt Cromodora alloys and the infamous ‘clap-hands’ wipers.
This car in particular is in outstanding condition, after being fully restored by Fosker Engineering in 2010. The restoration process is detailed in a large file full of numerous photographs of the job, as well as invoices and summeries. It is finished in its original Rosso Chiaro colour, and also benefits from a full Ferrari Classiche certificate of authority, detailing its originality and completing the car with this very important piece of documentation. The car also comes with its original handbook and an extensive service history.
Now is the chance to own a pristine 246 Dino GT, the most desirable of the Dino range, and what is now a very sought after car. Its history alongside its immaculate condition makes this a very special car.