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We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs from dehumidified car storage through to the magical art of detailing.

All our prices and services ensure every client and vehicle receives the proper standard of care, however these are all for guide purposes and we understand every client requires different levels of care, there is very little we can't do, so all you have to do is ask.

UCC is fully insured Via Aviva.



£35 per week for cars, £9 per week for Motor Cycles. Includes full 50% to 60% Dehumidified storage with cover, engine started once a month and run up to temperature with all ancillaries run and tested.


Initial check-in Cars and Motorcycles includes complete vehicle check including underside inspection with photos, complete valet inside and out, includes full power wash and recognised two bucket system and grit guards, we only use Lambs Wools Mitts & no corrosive agents, fuel stabiliser added if requested , tyres inflated to 50psi if required , all fluids checked and full preparation for storage.

re check-inRE CHECK-IN

Clients who collect car for use and bring back for storage again and preparation for storage. At this point most cars need a thorough clean and valet before being stored again which is only £20. If you do not require the car to be clean then there is no charge.

trickle charge battery conditionerTRICKLE CHARGE BATTERY CONDITIONER

Some more modern cars require a trickle charge to maintain computer systems, please enquire as whether your vehicle requires this service.

test driveTEST DRIVE

UCC is situated on a private industrial estate so we can run your vehicle on site to maintain running gear and prevent flat spotting tyres at a cost of £30. We do not run cars on a rolling road, this puts unnecessary strain on running gear and chassis and particularly for older cars this can cause unseen problems in later life. Some clients prefer us to take the cars on public roads for a full test drive, where we can test brakes, gear selection, steering and suspension as well as looking out for any obvious maintenance issues. Full report is then provided.

international pick-up and drop-off serviceCOLLECTION AND DELIVERY

UCC is able to collect and deliver cars on request. Special arrangements can also be made for global logistics.

international pick-up and drop-off servicePRIVATE COLLECTION MANAGEMENT

UCC Private Collection Management is designed to take away all the worry and administrational headache of owning one of more vehicles, we take over the full management of the vehicle ensuring itÂ’'s serviced when is should be, MOTd, taxed and insured, as with all our clients vehicles this is tailored to the specific needs of the car and our client.

Its perfect for clients not based in the UK or for collectors who just do not have time to manage the finite details of multi car ownership. Please enquire as to the pricing of this service.


Many of our clients benefit from our Car to Jet Concierge service, when you are leaving for your destination bring your car to us, we then take you to your flight directly from any airport, once you return we can deliver the car to you directly as you leave the terminal for you to make you way home. Usual storage charges apply with additional collection and delivery charges.

This service is only available to longer than 12 weeks storage clients.


Detailing is not just a service rather an art and very few establishments can truly offer this high grade service with confidence as every vehicle is different and therefore requires individual needs. You will have heard of phrases like "paint correction" & "decontamination".

To put it in layman's terms, your car is taken through a complete makeover which results in a complete rebirth of your car and in most cases our clients are shocked when their vehicle looks better than it did when it came out of the showroom. We have our own service within UCC, UCC Revive, based from within our own facilities to prepare concourse winners. Enquire directly to receive a quote after a thorough inspection has taken place.

Please have a look at our Facebook and You Tube links to view work we have done in the past and see the UCC standard.

servicing and restorationSERVICING AND RESTORATION

UCC employ a master mechanic who can offer full servicing to any classic vehicle to a high standard. We can also arrange MOT, undertake upgrades and source anything your vehicle needs.

car salesSALES

UCC specialise in vehicles of unique individuality, if we don't have it we can find it, even if your ideal car is not in the UK. Look at our current range of stock here.

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