Dehumidified Storage

Storage is £49+VAT per week, or £54+VAT for cars exceeding 5 metres in length, and £21+VAT per week for motorcycles. This includes full 50% to 60% dehumidified storage. We run a bespoke maintenance program for each client and car, where we run up a car depending on each vehicle, with tyres inflated and all ancillaries run and tested. You can provide your own car cover or we can have one made bespoke for you. We also offer more bespoke services such as hard-top storage at just £8+vat a week.

There is nothing we can’t do, contact us for any other enquiries.
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Private Collection Management

UCC Private Collection Management is designed to take away all the worry and administrational headache of owning one or more vehicles. We take over the full management of the vehicle ensuring it’s serviced when is should be, MOTd, taxed and insured. As with all our clients’ vehicles this is tailored to the specific needs of the car and our client.

Servicing & Repairs

UCC offer car maintenance, servicing, restoration, repair and diagnosis and paint to a high standard on site. . We can also provide an MOT, undertake upgrades and carry out anything that your vehicle needs.

Test Drive

UCC is situated on a private industrial estate so we can run your vehicle on-site to maintain running gear and prevent flat spotting tyres at a cost of £35+VAT. Some clients prefer us to take the cars on public roads for a full test drive, where we can test brakes, gear selection, steering and suspension, as well as looking out for any obvious maintenance issues. We can test drive cars off-site on our 8 mile test route, covered on our trade policy. This is £60+VAT, and a full report is provided.

We do not run cars on a rolling road as this puts unnecessary strain on running gear and chassis, particularly so on older cars. This can cause unseen problems in later life.

Trickle Charge Battery Conditioner

Many cars require a trickle charge to maintain computer systems and secure the battery from draining. You can provide a charger or we can fit one for a one-off fee of £90+VAT, and then it is yours to keep. There is no charge to trickle charge the cars if they need it.

Check In

The initial check-in of cars and motorcycles includes a complete vehicle inspection requiring an underside examination with photos, a complete valet inside and out with a full power wash and recognised two bucket system with lamb wool mitts and grit guards. We use no corrosive agents, fuel stabiliser is added if requested, tyres are inflated to 50psi if required, all fluids are checked and full preparation is finalised for storage.

Re Check In

Clients’ cars that are collected for use and brought back again for storage require preparation. At this point most cars need a thorough clean and valet before being stored again, which is only £32.50+VAT.