Car Detailing Oakley

The very word ‘detailing’ can frighten some people as in real terms, especially in the UK, it is relatively a new concept. Not to be confused with a valet, the world of detailing is an art form in itself.

To put it in Layman’s terms, your car is taken through a complete paint makeover that results in a complete rebirth of your car, often shocking clients when their vehicle is completed to a much higher level than it did when it came out of the showroom.

Not only does it add value to the vehicle but can add years to the life of the paint with protection and longevity.

The detailing extends to the interior, engine and chassis depending what you require. We have detailed some of the rarest cars in the world from modern hypercars, to Formula 1 and LeMans race cars, to 1900s horseless carriages.

We have a dedicated works department, encompassing all the specialist talent of our team to improve and upgrade your vehicle to your specification. We have invested in creating a purpose built 6-bay detail studio from which we can offer dedicated car detailing to a high-end standard.

Superficial Improvements

On site as part of the detailing process we can undertake superficial upgrades, advised and agreed with the client in advance. We have found on many occasions where it may have been suggested a car had needed a lot more work, that we have added years to it for a lot less expense than if you were to take on a full restoration, and the results are truly amazing.


We can provide full trimming upgrades and improvements to suit the client, much of which is done on site or sent to our experts with our guidance.

Concours d’Elégance

Increasingly we are being asked to prepare cars and enter them into Concours events. We can help from initial purchase of the vehicle, advise on the action required to enter an event, and undertake the whole process from start to finish.

Please have a look at some of the work we have undertaken with before and after pictures and videos to show the UCC Standard.

Recent Work

Audi TT

Bentley Continental GT

McLaren F1

Aston Martin DBS

Porsche 964

Bentley Continental GTC