“UCC have created Classic Car Storage on a whole new level never seen before.”
– Motorsport Legend Andy Rouse

Holiday Short Term Car Storage

Universal Classic Cars is the largest and most advanced facility tailored to looking after classic and supercars in the UK.

Holiday short-term car storage is a valuable service for travellers who need a secure and reliable facility to store their vehicles while they’re away. Whether you’re going on a winter getaway or a summer holiday, our holiday car storage service can enable you peace of mind knowing that your car is safe and secure.

Leaving your classic car on it’s own while you’re on holiday is always a risk – so it helps for you to have somewhere safe and ultra-secure to store it. That’s where we come in, because at UCC, we’ve got a specialist and dedicated storage facility able to fully provide the perfect safe haven for your classic car while you’re away.

Dehumidified and highly secure car storage

Located in Hampshire, our car storage facility benefits from very robust security and dehumidified climate control. This means your classic car will be in a much safer place than your garage or driveway. This means your prized classic car won’t be vulnerable to the typical British weather while you’re on holiday.

We have developed our car storage offering with the same love, care and attention we have for classic cars. Having spent years working around every kind of classic car out there, we know how to look after precious metal.

While your classic car is with us, it’ll be treated like one of our own. You can be rest assured that it simply couldn’t be in safer hands whilst you enjoy time away.